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  • ​Discover the powerful role dignity plays in developing community trust and cooperation.
  • Communicate more effectively to build a good-natured alliance with community members and prevent antagonistic attitudes from taking hold.
  • Understand the psychological impact the badge has on both officers and civilians and learn to manage it with respect and integrity
  • Learn constructive ways to incorporate knowledge of the six major human psychological needs into daily interactions with community members in order to improve police-community relations.

     Use business coaching to attain

     peak performance:

  • Be a great leader and role model
  • ​Empower your employees to do their best work (and feel empowered yourself)
  • Communicate effectively
  • Create the optimal work environment to boost productivity and reduce stress​​
  • Resolve workplace conflicts

For Law Enforcement

Did you know that multiple studies show feelings of well beingactually cause improvements in performance and increased productivity?​​​​

Business coaching gives managers and business owners the support they need to approach each new day with clarity, optimism and a great leadership mindset, and teaches effective strategies to keep employees happy and productive to promote company loyalty, reduce turnover and boost your bottom line. Good relationships among co-workers and between management and employees also contribute enormously to the success of any team or business. 

We are committed to helping families thrive.

Raising healthy, happy children and maintaining meaningful, joyful relationships is more complex than ever before. 

Wouldn't it be nice if children and relationships came with user manuals? 

We offer guidance and counseling to help you and your family succeed and flourish.

  • Develop healthy self-esteem
  • Communicate openly and freely
  • Understand your own needs and the needs of family members and learn the most constructive ways to fulfill them.
  • Practice effective parenting that respects the dignity and uniqueness of every child
  • Manage conflicts and challenges with confidence and clarity 

  • Bullying– Explore the different types of bullying, how to create an environment that discourages bullying and how to handle cases of bullying when they happen.
  • Disruptive or Disengaged Students– Identify the motivation behind the behavior and provide appropriate remedies.
  • Students’ Social Difficulties – Clarify the nature of the difficulties and help students develop social competence and self-assuredness.
  • Working With Parents – Develop a cooperative alliance with parents and avoid adversarial interactions.

We offer teacher workshops, presentations and consultations to help resolve individual student issues and create a harmonious school environment that honors the dignity of all students and staff. 


For Families

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  • Want to feel more empowered in your daily life?
  • Are you feeling stressed out?
  • Need to resolve family conflicts?
  • Create more harmony in your relationships at home or at work?
  • ​Looking for a way to get through to a difficult student or develop closer more trusting ties with your community?

Real solutions are just a phone call away! 

In comfortable and supportive private sessions, we will work together to better understand and resolve the challenges you want help with and get you on a positive path to growth and well-being. You can also join our stress reduction and meditation group for weekly support, clarity and relaxation. Call today to start your journey to success and well-being!


For Law Enforcement to gain the support of the communities they serve, and work together harmoniously, there must be trust and a sense that officers genuinely understand and care about maintaining the physical and emotional well-being of the people who depend on them for protection and leadership.

Debbie Weinstock, PhD

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​ Debbie Weinstock, PhD.

The Dignity Initiative