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​For Families

The Dignity Initiative is founded on the principle that every living being on Earth deserves to be treated with dignity, kindness and respect. We welcome men and women from every country, of every race, religion, ethnic background, economic situation and gender orientation.  Our purpose is to promote an ethic of compassion, non-violence and respect in our families, schools, local and global communities.

When respect for the dignity of every living being is the primary guiding principle for our actions….... 

  • Families are stronger and more joyful.

  • Schools bring out the best in all students.

  • Communities and law enforcement work together to create safe neighborhoods and improved quality of life for all citizens.

  • Politicians and community leaders respectfully work through their differences and come together for the common good.

  • Domestic violence, racism, bullying and other expressions of contempt for our fellow humans cease.

  • Words and behaviors that degrade, hurt or diminish other people are abandoned.

  • We see each other as allies, friends and fellow travelers instead of labels, “others” and strangers.

We are here to uplift and support you, to open hearts, minds and arms in peace and healing.

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Get along with (almost) anyone

Resolve conflict 

Achieve  inner balance  

​For Law Enforcement​

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​For Schools

Presentations, consulting, coaching and conflict resolution services to assist individuals, families, authority figures and professional teams to improve their interpersonal skills for a competitive edge at work and happiness at home.

Workshops and consultations designed to help officers gain a deeper understanding of human motivation and behavior that will allow them to interact more effectively with the community.​

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Private counseling, parenting advice and mediation to resolve conflicts and help families, couples and individuals develop a deeper understanding of one another and create healthy, loving and joyful lives together.​​

​ Debbie Weinstock, PhD.

Teacher workshops, presentations and consultations to help resolve individual student issues and create a harmonious school environment that honors the dignity of all students and staff. ​

The Dignity Initiative